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Mon 17.00-22.00, Tue-Fri 11.30 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 22.00
Sat 17.00 – 22.00
Mains about SEK 135-230
The Tarte-Flambée is a classic


Casual modern Nordic cuisine

Dec 15th, 2015

Speceriet is the casual sister restaurant of Michelin starred Gastrologik. Located on Östermalm, this small restaurant is one of the best places in Stockholm for an affordable, casual and most of all tasty lunch or dinner. Scandinavian flavors and produce with a modern twist, what more could you ask for?

Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr are the chefs behind both Speceriet and the more renowned Michelin starred restaurant Gastrologik, their vision was that Speceriet should be a informal experience but with really good quality food. More a restaurant to drop in after work than a place that you make reservations weeks in advance (reservations aren’t even possible, but you get the point). The key thing is to still deliver food with the quality ingredients of what you would expect at a much more expensive restaurant, like for instance the main restaurant Gastrologik, but just made affordable. And boy, have they have executed on their vision. Speceriet really uses great produce and everything from the friendly service to the nice plating and excellent flavors makes you want to drop in here every day after work. You simply want to return as soon as you have left the restaurant.

You simply want to return as soon as you have left the restaurant

Ok, so there is one downside. You can’t make reservations and the restaurant is really small with it’s about 20 seats. Add to that, that this is a popular place. So you need to be either patient, come at an off hour or hang on the door at 5pm when they open for dinner. Another small downside, depending on your preferences, might be that there are only communal tables and with the seats quite close to each other, some might take the positive stance and say that it is intimate while others might not. But that’s the tradeoff for a really tasty but yet inexepensive (for the quality) dining experience.

The menu is not extensive, there are 15-20 dishes in total (covering starters, mains and deserts) but primarily the focus is on quality and locally sourced produce. The food has strong ties to Scandinavian seasonal flavors with a modern international twist and the execution of the dishes is great. Don’t be surprised if you see some unusual items such as rain deer heart on the menu, but expect to find what’s in season in the Nordics right now. The menu changes constantly, but one thing that you always can find on the menu is a version of a Tarte-Flambée that is always super tasty. And their rotisserie grilled chicken is another classic dish. They also have a “Todays’s three course dinner” for SEK400 which is to be considered a bargain.

expect to find what’s in season in the Nordics right now

Drop by here, and if you are lucky (or patient) enough to get a table enjoy a tasty lunch or dinner!





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