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Café Nizza

Mediterranean-focused bistro

Sep 19th, 2017

The name says it all. Café Nizza, which is the French Riviera city Nice in Italian and showcases the kind of food you will find here. It is a crossover between the Mediterranean countries, not limited by being purely Italian not purely French. And for that part, you might find a hint of Spanish on the menu as well. The café part is more to draw the thought to white linen wine cafes than a coffee place. All in all, the culinary approach is a Mediterranean-focused, ambitious neighborhood restaurant all wrapped in a nice and casual ambiance.

Compared to the sister restaurant it is slightly more polished and refined

Café Nizza was founded by the crew from Babette, and compared to the sister restaurant it is slightly more polished and refined. But like Babette, Café NIzza also puts a lot of emphasized on the wine list and you will be able to find a wide selection of great wines by the glass from small producers and sourced as well as the food. Speaking of which, the wine list changes as frequent as the menu. Which is often. Daily changes are made to the menu, focusing on what’s in season right now and what produce are available.

A mixture of classic French and Italian cooking

The food is simple but well executed, and one can find a mixture of classic French and Italian cooking. Beurre blanc is mixed with tortelloni, Italian cavolo nero (or simply black kale) with moules and French beans are paried with burrata to give but a few examples. The food is putting the produce in focus, it is not overdone or overworked but rather quite simple and straightforward dishes, but above all it is well executed. One of the highlights is already served at the starting point of the dinner, namely the bread. Do not miss the bread! A small loaf of freshly baked and piping hot rye sourdough bread with some homemade butter, which is nothing sheer of spectacular.

Do not miss the bread!

If you go for making a reservation for dinner you will be handed over to the chef’s choice. The menu will be set based on the chef’s preferences that day, and if you want to opt for the á la carte option you are referred to the drop-in spots at the bar. The set menu consists of four courses but often turns into six servings, and there is of course also flexibility if you are vegetarian or allergic to something.

White linens on the tables, checkered tile floor and a super nice ambiance

The service is friendly, attentive and on the right side of casual. The knowledge about the wine selection is high, so if you are unsure ask for their recommendations. This is a great and cozy local bistro with white linens on the tables, checkered tile floor and a super nice ambiance. The downside is the acoustic in the restaurant, which is predominately tile and hard materials and it would need a bit more effort to reduce the noise level when it is packed. And it is often packed. During the summer one can advantageously opt for the sunny seating on Åsögatan, but unfortunately it is not possible to make reservations there. All in all, this is a place that you would like to have in your neighborhood, a casual and easygoing place that puts a lot of effort into the quality of the produce and letting it shine in a simple way in each dish.
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