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Go for the green side of the menu

Le Nom

Vibrant and colorful on Roslagsgatan

Sep 13th, 2017

Le Nom is one of the restaurants that has created a pull effect to the short strip of Roslagsgatan opposite Norra Latin. The street is transforming, and becoming one of the most restaurant packed places in Stockholm right now with Babette, Meat on a stick and of course Le Nom. The impact of the transformation could be noticed during the summer of 2017 when the restaurants expanded with their outdoor seating into the street, shutting off one lane. All in the name of being able to enjoy those few months of outdoor eating, and one of the brightest and most colorful restaurants on the street is Le Nom.

Innovative and beautifully presented food

It is the crew from Bar Nombre who opened Le Nom, and although the name draws the thinking to French cuisine, it is basically the same logic as with their other one. It’s simply just the word for name is Spanish and French. Andreas Johansson is the head chef, and the food he produces in the kitchen is a playful and innovative take on seasonal produce with a high focus on the greens. Given that description, it is also quite hard to box in the cuisine. It is most easily described as a playful crossover between primarily Swedish ingredients and Mediterranean cooking, even though some Asian influences’ also makes it to the menu. Yes, you read all of that. In essence it is a playful mixture of international cuisines, but it is innovative and beautifully presented food.

It is a playful mixture of international cuisines

The playful food quite well matches with the interior design of the restaurant, vibrant colorful paintings in a modern style goes across half of the restaurant, mixed with velvet couches and a bar side with tile walls. A lot of mixture also in the decor. But the key thing about Le Nom is the great ambiance, even though the noise level can be a bit disturbing on the “tile-side” of the restaurant it is upweighted by the casual and friendly service.

Tartare on venison with smoked almonds, mayonnaise with coffee and soy

The focus in the kitchen is in the vegetables, and the food is served as mid-sized dishes, where about three dishes will be the equivalent of a traditional starter and a main course. And even though the focus in on the greens, the menu is divided into three sub-sections green, see and meat. When reading the menu, it is scaled town in tone, the main produce in each dish is presented – but a lot more playfulness and creativity ends up on the plate compared to the description on the menu. There is a large focus on seasonality and Swedish produce, so the items on the menu changes frequently. On the green side during the winter, you can find combinations like butternut pumpkin with goat cheese, dried capers and sage or for the meat section a tartare on venison with smoked almonds, mayonnaise with coffee and soy and pickled shimeji mushrooms. During the summer, green asparagus with chervil butter, pickled chili, asparagus juice and blackened fennel seeds might end up on the menu, and from the fish side blackened salmon from Fröya is paired with soy, sesame oil, cress and cucumber. All in all, trying to put the food in a strict box is impossible.

But once the kitchen settled in, this became one of the best value restaurants in town

When opening, it took a while for the kitchen to find the right balance in-between the high ambition and innovative thinking and the actual balance of the flavors in the dishes. But once the kitchen settled in, this became one of the best value restaurants in town. The dishes are well balanced, beautifully presented and on point – and not expensive at all. This is a modern bistro where you can swing by many times, the dishes changes constantly with the seasons so there is no risk of getting bored with the menu. The green section of the menu is where you find the best options in the restaurant, and with the clear focus on elevating the greens in the dishes there is also a set menu with only green dishes. In addition, there is another set menu as well, including the see and meat elements of the menu as well. The downside with the menus are that all in your party needs to order it. Strangely, the upside is that it cost the same as picking the same dishes a la carte, and there are no special dishes on the set menu. So, there is really no point in opting for the set-menu.

The visual appearance of the food is worth a visit on its own

The ambition when opening Le Nom was to create a fine dining experience in a casual setting. And they are well on their way, even though a star is not in sight this place offers some very reasonably priced dishes for the quality you get. And just the visual appearance of the food is worth a visit on its own, so make sure to swing by the short strip of Roslagsgatan where Le Nom is located.
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