The Best Burgers in Stockholm

the definitive top list

Jul 20th, 2017

Finding the ultimate hamburger is probably the most polarizing question ever. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has their own preferences of what constitutes the perfect burger. And since the burger scene in Stockholm simply doesn’t seem to ever get saturated with a constant inflow of new burger joints shooting up like mushrooms from the ground – well, it seemed to be in place to cast a light on my personal top list.

A couple of years ago, you were happy to just find something else than the big evil burger chains. Chef Jureskog at restaurant AG had the reputation of having the best burger in town since their opening in 2004, but the real burger hype hit Stockholm in 2012 when Flippin’ Burgers opened their first place, with never ending ques outside the first venue on Kungsholms strand. Since then, probably 30 burger joints have opened across town. Some have expanded into chains such as Prime Burger and Phil’s Burger, and other such as Flippin’ have continued to operate as a one joint shop. But without a doubt, the burger scene in Stockholm has gone from zero to sixty in the last couple of years.

the burger scene in Stockholm has gone from zero to sixty in the last couple of years

But the burger taste is a very personal thing. And for you to be able to read this list you also need to understand what my preferences are. First thing is that I like a simple burger, not a lot of different condiments – a burger should be in a brioche or potato bun, consist of coarsely ground beef that doesn’t contain too much fat. Too much fat spoils the taste, and leaves you with a feeling of having eaten a grinded piece of bacon instead of a quality beef burger. No, it should be a medium thick patty made from coarsely ground, dry aged beef. But don’t get me wrong, some fat in the patty is still what makes it juicy and nice, it’s just that some places take it a bit too far and having a pool of fat in your lap when you finish your burger is just not that nice. I prefer not having raw tomatoes on burgers, they add too much water and spoils the taste. And besides, for like 10 months a year it is impossible to find a tomato in Stockholm that tastes anything. Ketchup is ok. Mustard as well, but not a must. Cheese however is a must, and preferably not too much flavor in the cheese but more towards the traditional American cheddar. And some acidity either from a sauce or from pickles. A great burger is about the quality of a few, selected ingredients and doesn’t need a ton of condiments that takes away focus from the essential meat-bread action. A burger also needs to be a dish that can be consumed by hand and that holds its form and texture until the last bite.

A great burger is about the quality of a few, selected ingredients

This also means that this list only review burgers with meat patties made from ground beef. Nothing else, simple as that. And it will not include food trucks or classic restaurants serving burgers, only burger joints.

As the final stage of sanity checking this list, me and two friends went out on a serious burger research trip. We covered ten different burger joints in a day, from early morning (well at least lunch) to closing time. What became apparent is that it becomes a lot different when you compare burgers head to head instead of individual burgers in isolation. We rated the bun, the cooking of the patty, seasoning, condiments and the cheese. We chose to go for the closest to a cheeseburger every joint had, without doing any special orders. It seemed to be the fairest way of comparing them head to head on roughly the same burger. Throughout this process, it became quite apparent that we have at least six outstanding burger joints in the city, and then a bit of a gap towards the rest. The rest I have also included below the top-top list with a short mentioning about each place. But if you don’t find your favorite place in the top list, well hey then remember the introduction to this text. Burger taste is very personal. And for that reason, I also included some of the places discarded in the very end. Anyway, without further ado – here are the six best places in town.

1.Barrels Burgers & Beer

Among the tourist traps in Gamla Stan (Old Town) one can also find Stockholm’s best burger joint, namely Barrels Burgers & Beer. Juicy patties from coarsely ground beef, a light and fluffy bread that’s holds together all the way. And craft beers in abundance. Seriously, what’s not to love about this place? I have been here so many times, and it really is a craftsmanship in each burger. At the core of the beautiful creations is a sublime beef patty with just the right fat content, made from dry-aged beef the pattie is pretty much always cooked to perfection.
Stora Nygatan 20
111 27 Stockholm – Gamla Stan

2. Svenska Hamburgerköket

The runner up in a very tight race for the top spot. Located between Midsommarkransen and Telefonplan, it is well worth the trip if you are not fortunate enough to live close by. The four burger choices are very straightforward, plain, with cheese, with bacon or cheese and bacon. They all consist out of a rather thick beef pattie in a squishy bun with a salad leaf, onion, a tomato and sauce. To elevate the burger, ask for the boiled onions and it will be all through delicious. A bit on the slobby and fatty side, but the spectacular bread manages to hold up all the way and it is simply delicious. Even with the tomato.
Tellusborgsvägen 78
126 37 Hägersten – Midsommarkransen

3. Miss Behave

Made in accordance with the Heston Blumenthal grinding method, Miss Behave serves an extremely juicy and tasty burger in a toasted brioche bun with what simply has to be the perfect burger cheese. Started out in the south of Sweden in Höganäs and the restaurant Garage Bar, they have now steered towards the capital with Miss Behave which as a bonus offers a spectacular location in the summertime just on the docks of Skeppsbrokajen. A juicy burger in two smashed patties, and a spectacular simplicity in their cheeseburger with basically no condiments. But it would need a bit of acidity to challenge the top spots.
Tullhus 2, Skeppsbrokajen
111 30 Stockholm – Gamla Stan

4. Bun Meat Bun

The corny name aside, Bun meat Bun serves a truly great burger. Started out in Farsta, they have now branched out to Söderhallarna and in 2018 they will open in Annedal. Their signature mark is the smashed burger patties, allowing them to have a crispy frying surface without getting dry. The juiciness is the signature mark of Bun Meat Bun, and the patty is served in a nice and fluffy potato bread and the whole thing works extremely well in terms of texture and flavor.
Medborgarplatsen 3
118 26 Stockholm – Södermalm

Brattforsgatan 19
123 50 Farsta

5. Flippin Burgers

The place to blame or hail for getting the burger hype to Stockholm as well. For a long time the uncontested king of the burger scene in Stockholm – and still five years after the opening the waiting time to get a table can be an hour on a regular night. A success story that never seems to end. Sticking to the Heston Blumethal-grinding method, cheese from Väddö Mejeri and good quality meat, the burgers at Flippin will not disappoint.
Observatoriegatan 8
113 29 Stockholm – Vasastan

6. Frick & Son

Frick & Hagberg used to operate a slick food truck. Nowadays they have found a permanent home for their very solid burgers on Birger Jarlsgatan 112 under the name Frick & Son. Another preacher to the Heston Blumethal grinding method, Frick & Hagberg’s burgers are made from chuck and brisket, served in a spectacular potato roll. The only objection is the Klostertaler cheese which takes over a bit too much of the flavor.
Birger Jarlsgatan 112
114 20 Stockholm – Vasastan
To make this into a proper top list, let’s get the four contenders up on it as well, still a significant way behind the top six, but worth a mention:
7. Burger Bistron – A seriously good burger in Märsta. Good mixture of chuck and brisket (70/30 ratio). The bun from RC Chocolat is good, but can almost look a bit uncooked and soaks up a bit too much of the juice and gets a bit of a spongy consistency. But that’s being picky, this is a great burger if you are close by. But maybe not worth a trip on its own.
Stationsgatan 1
195 47 Märsta
8. Babas Burgers and Bites – Located in Högdalen, Babas Burgers and Bites serves what can be described as the elevated McDonalds cheeseburger. And that is meant in the best possible way. A light frying crust, not too greasy and a good brioche bun, that unfortunately is a bit dry from time to time, and some cheddar cheese. Classic and simple.
Högdalsgången 20
124 54 Bandhagen
9. Krubb Kungsholmen – The sausage feast is over on Kungsholmen, new owners have steered Krubb towards a burger feast instead. They have a very solid burger, good toasting on the bun. Friendly priced. But the quality of the meat needs an upgrade and so does the cooking skills to get it right.
Carl-Gustaf Lindstedts gata 2
112 69 Stockholm – Kungsholmen
10. BC Burgers – One of the most recent additions to the Stockholm burger scene. A very nice looking burger and it is really appealing to the eye when it ends up in front of you. But head to head towards the top list, it is apparent that it needs a better bun, not enough squishiness and it feels a bit too compact. Then the cheese doesn’t add anything in terms of flavors, and the condiments in general need a bit of a flavor upgrade. But still a solid burger.
Nytorgsgatan 33
116 40 Stockholm – Södermalm
Honorary mentions:
Burger shack: It is s solid burger, but I will never get the English muffin style bread that they use and therefore it will never become a favorite for me
The Border – Burgers vs burritos – Everything is good. But nothing is great
Lilys Burger – It’s a fair distance from being good to being great. Still a solid burger
Phil’s Burger – Expanded too quickly and the sloppiness is apparent. And quality differs so much from time to time and venue to venue that it is impossible to even try to review
Gnarly Burger – Not a favorite, never been a fan of the bun or the condiments. And a pretty average pattie
Franky´s – Would probably have made the top list. If they were open. But in the wait for the new restaurant, Franky’s needs to stay down here for now
Käk – This is just not a good enough burger. Period.
Prime Burger – You haven’t tried any on the top list, right?

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