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Taste sensations from the plant kingdom

Nov 9th, 2016

Who says that food is not culture? Well nowhere does it become more apparent that food for sure is culture than at the restaurant at photography museum Fotografiska in Stockholm. Fotografiska is one of Stockholm’s most popular attractions and annually attracts over 500 000 visitors, and surely more of them should take the time to visit the restaurant at Fotografiska to get a truly striking combination of high class photography and brilliant food.

Fotografiska attracts over 500 000 visitors, and surely more of them should take the time to visit the restaurant

With a clear focus on vegetables and the plant kingdom, the restaurant at Fotografiska is one of the best restaurants in Stockholm in its category. Utilizing what is available from local producers, and their own garden for that matter, the kitchen whips up magic taste sensations. This is cooking on a very high level, and truly showcases what the cooking of the future is all about.

The kitchen whips up magic taste sensations

The menu consists of a fairly limited set of items, where the natural flavors are emphasized. Chef Paul Svensson’s philosophy, which permeates the entire restaurant, revolves around that it is in the plants that the flavors are and the objective is to maximize those flavors. But lets make it clear from the start; it is not the same as stating that the food is vegetarian. The kitchen puts in traditional proteins in dishes on the menu, but the focus is always on the plants (to not only limit the thinking to vegetables). There is an option of adding a traditional protein such as meat or fish, but I would strongly recommend you to go for the items on the menu and if you are still hungry, simply order another one. That’s another beauty of this restaurant, the dishes are what has been popularly refereed to as mid-sized dishes which you order á la cart, so you can have three or four and if you are still hungry go for a fifth one.

It is in the plants that the flavors are

The menu consists of a limited number of plant dishes and to sort of state the obvious; everything is based on what is in season right now. The flavors are built up from a plant, and often the kitchen uses non-traditional techniques to get new flavors out of them such as composting. And I can assure you that the dishes will tastes terrific. The level of creativity in the kitchen is astonishing, and this is truly the future way of cooking. The restaurant at Fotografiska really expands the perception of what we can make out of plants, and how to layer flavors equally good as in a “traditional” way of constructing a dish.

The level of creativity in the kitchen is astonishing

The menu is divided into cold dishes from the plant kingdom, warm dishes from the same kingdom and some sweet plant dishes to end off your meal with. There are pairings of drinks with each dish, and it is quite fun to see that the ambition of taking it one step further also is reflected on the beverage section. It is not only constraint to the traditional wine pairing, but some non-traditional beers also pop up on the menu. And speaking of non-traditional that goes for the wine list as well. But if natural wines float your boat, you are in for a treat.

The view is absolutely magnificent

And as an additional bonus, the view is absolutely magnificent. The large windows face the water of Saltsjön and the entrance to the city of Stockholm, with the Royal Island of Djurgården in the background and in fact you get a view of more or less the entire city. The decor also fits the venue perfectly; it has an industrial feeling with burly gray wooden beams and steel structures.

So I started out by stating that food is culture, but I would almost be inclined to say that at the restaurant at Fotografiska the food is not only that – it is the future of cooking.








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