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Serious about steaks

Jun 23rd, 2016

If you are a vegetarian, you can probably stop reading now. But especially if you are a carnivore, continue reading. AG is devoted to one thing, meat, meat and more meat. And that is very apparent once you have found the way up to the restaurant, the entrance is easy to miss (even of the neon sign these days at least guides you to the right building), then two flights of stairs up you will see a large glass wall where meat is being tenderized.

AG is devoted to one thing, meat, meat and more meat

The restaurant is located to the right of the entrance, and is more or less always buzzing (or to be honest it can be a quite high noise level) and packed with people. So it is far from a hidden gem, people have come here since 2004 to enjoy the best steak house in town. The name is actually a reference to the old silver factory that once occupied the premises (if you know your periodic table) and Johan Jureskog and Klas Ljungqvist kept the name. The duo also own Rolfs Kök, a classic bistro well worth a visit as well.

The menu is focused on the steaks, with a nice addition of rating the marveling and tenderness of the cuts on the menu and also of course where it originated from (and even a country flag on the steaks to highlight that when served). So you know what you pay for. Or what you decide not to pay for, because quality costs so it is far from cheap.

rating the marveling and tenderness of the cuts on the menu

The only downside is the condiments which I think are a bit boring; salad, béarnaise, baked potatoes and grilled tomatoes. All cooked just fine, and reminds you of that casual grill dinner – just miles better. But they don’t really elevate the experience which is a bit shame. But on the other hand, at the table there’s a good chance that Johan Jureskog himself will tranche the steaks at your table, and of course tell you all about the cuts you have ordered and the origin, tenderness – well the works. And that elevates the experience, because Jureskog is for sure passionate about his steaks.

Johan Jureskog might have sold his soul to the devil, and of course filled his bank account handsomely one can presume, when entering into his engagement with McDonald, but the thing is that the burger at AG is still one of the best in town. A bit ahead of the burger hype, when finding a decent burger in town was a challenge, Jureskog introduced his “perfect burger” on the menu and quite frankly blew people’s minds about what a burger could actually be. It is still one of the very best in town, so even if it feels like a boring option on the menu, don’t shy away from giving it a shot. At least during your second visit.

Ahead of the burger hype Jureskog introduced his “perfect burger” and blew people’s minds about what a burger could actually be

But the steaks are the stars of the show, and encapsulated in everything from the meat wall at first sight to the décor. Be prepared to pay for quality, and you will experience some perfect steaks. AGs is the best steak option in town. And for the full experience, book the chefs table and play some ping pong in-between courses.

you will experience some perfect steaks

To the left of the entrance, the buzzing AG Bar is located. A great spot for tapas and drinks, and you can of course get the burger there as well. It is actually so good that it deserves its own story. Check it out here.




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