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Mon-Thu 10.00-21.00 Fri 10.00-22.00
Sat 14.00-22.00 Sun 14.00-21.00
Mains about SEK 150-200
The dumplings are divine

Chong Qing

Authentic and tasty Sichuan food

Jun 15th, 2016

Finding a decent Chinese restaurant in Stockholm is a real challenge. Too long the Chinese cuisine has been reduced to the Swedish invention of Three small dishes (a concept introduced in the 80:s and has stuck ever since). But it turns out that the best option is not actually in the city. It is in Liljeholmen and at this little unpretentious place called Chong Qing.

She makes about 2-3 trips to China each year just to stock up on spices that can’t be found in Sweden

From the outside it doesn’t look like much, it can easily be confused with your average Chinese takeout-place that you turn to when you don’t have the energy to cook dinner. The feeling will still be there when you eneter, I’m not going to sugarcoat it, the place would seriously benefit from a bit more effort in the interior design aspect.

However, once you enter you will probably ge greeted by the owner, a charismatic woman who has her own take on service. Her name is Xiuli, and she is a character, but a lovely character. She will more than willingly guide you through the menu, and provide somewhat of an explanation to the different dishes.

The dumplings are just divine, and unparalleled in quality to any other in Stockholm

I would strongly advise you to ask her about the food, find out the stories behind each dish. She makes about 2-3 trips to China each year just to stock up on spices that can’t be found in Sweden. That sort of shows the ambition of the food. Because if the love is not in the interior design, it is definitely in the food.

The food is pretty traditional Sichuan style, and you will find dishes like hot pot and homemade dumplings, spiced with the for Sichuan typical Sichuan-pepper. But my recommendation is that you eat your way through the menu.

enjoy true Chinese cuisine from the Sichuan region

The dumplings are just divine, and in terms of quality one of the best you are able to find in Stockholm. Homemade in its essence, simple but yet so utterly delicious. And in all fairness, most of the food is absolutely delicious. And don’t be scared of the photos on the menu!

Go here and enjoy true Chinese cuisine from the Sichuan region!



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