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Try the fried pork from Nibble farm with a herb dressing

Oaxen Slip

New Nordic bistro food

Mar 12th, 2016

The name Oaxen refers to an island in the archipelago where the fine dining restaurant Oaxen previously was located, but since the move to Djurgården it has branched out and now also has the less pricy but still delicious alternative of Oaxen Slip, serving up some of the great casual new Nordic cuisine.

The New Nordic movement evolves around what we can find, and refine, in our Nordic surroundings. This is the essence of not only the food, but also the location of Oaxen. On the royal island of Djurgården, right in the center of Stockholm, the owners Magnus Ek and Agneta Green found a location that captured this in the city almost as well as the previous location of the restaurant in the archipelago. So in 2013, after almost ten years in the archipelago, they moved the fine dining restaurant of Oaxen to the center of Stockholm on Djurgården. The restaurant is divided into two parts; Oaxen Krog with two Michelin Stars and the more casual restaurant Oaxen Slip.

At Oaxen Slip they have taken the archipelago with them into the restaurant

At Oaxen Slip they have taken the archipelago with them into the restaurant, and the first thing you will notice when entering is the impressive ceiling height in the dining area, with hoisted boats in the ceiling. The view from the restaurant also still holds that archipelago feeling, with the waterfront being right outside the restaurant and a spectacular view that is beautifully encapsulated by the large windows in the dining area.

The food is quite simple, but flavorsome. Focusing on well-sourced ingredients that are in season, which in essence means that the menu constantly is changing. The concept is that you share your dishes with whomever you are there with, ordering a couple of dishes and sharing at the table. This concept is just as good for brunch, lunch or dinner and I highly recommend it for a really tasty Nordic brunch on the weekends. It is not as refined as the Michelin starred sister restaurant of Oaxen Krog, so don’t expect the most innovative presentation or technique. Oaxen Slip is more about flavors and just well executed, quite simple, food than elaborate presentations. But trust me, it is delicious. When the food arrives at your table, don’t be shy. Dig in and don’t let it sit at the table for too long. Then you get the most out of it.

Oaxen Slip is about flavors and just well executed, quite simple, food. But trust me, it is delicious

The food arrives once it is done, so you will have a contact flow of food arriving. The food consists of things like smoked shrimps, cured salmon, fried veal and one of my favorites fried pork from Nibble farm. Just love this kind of food, quite simple but damn delicious. The menu can feel a bit overwhelming, especially for dinner as it is just page up and down of snacks, starters, mains and deserts. But to simplify, don’t think so much of the label on the page, order the things that catches your eye instantly. And don’t bother if you end up ordering just starters, I would say that it mainly indicates the size of the dishes – so you might as well just order starters but have a few more. And remember, sharing is caring so get something of everything.

Sharing is caring so get something of everything

The food is really tasty, and I love the casual atmosphere of the restaurant combined with the location. This makes it a perfect spot for seeing one of the most beautiful parts of Stockholm (Djurgården) and one of the best restaurants (Oaxen), so it is definitely worth a visit.








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