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Go for the falafel salad or the shawarma roll


Palestinian comfort food

Jan 28th, 2016

Fresh, fragrant and healthy fast-food? Well, thats what you get at Maxos on Kungsholmen. Palestinian comfort food at its best.

On Scheelegatan you can find this small, unpretentious little place called Maxos serving some great Palestinian food. Maxos opened during the summer of 2015, and here you can find fresh and vibrant Palestinian food made from scratch with fresh quality ingredients. This place has quickly become a really popular place, and for good reason. The food is simple but really good.

“Fresh and vibrant Palestinian food from scratch with fresh quality ingredients”

Serving humus, falafel, shawarma and other goodies from the Middle East might not be the most refined food out there. But even more when you only are serving those kind of dishes, the execution and quality becomes even more important. Maxos holds that all together. The venue in itself isn’t really much to write home about though, it is definitely better than the average falafel joint, but not much more. There are a couple of communal bar tables and some seats at the window facing Scheelegatan, no fancy decor but still a nice atmosphere. Definitely worth a stop if you are out for a quick lunch or a super casual dinner (or take-away).

Maxos bases a lot of their food around hummus and falafel. So if you go here, go for the safe bets. The falafel is maybe not the best in town but definitely one of the city’s best, nice crust and a soft inside. I tend to go for the falafel salad (which is really not much of a salad), where the falafel is served with two types of hummus, one smoother and one more rustic with whole chick peas, some fried sweet potatoes, cauliflower, egg plants and of course some tabbouleh. But the condiments in this dish are not to be neglected, where the tangy vegetables and fried sweet potatoes complement the dish alongside a tasty hummus. For me this is the perfect comfort food, but still light and fresh.

Here you can also find one of few spots in Stockholm that serves a good shawarma. Strangely enough, we have not been spoiled in Stockholm with that, but finally there is a place where you can get one. The lamb from Gotland is of good quality, and the flavors are there. Once again – nice, fresh and vibrant. And those words are exactly what you associate with a visit to Maxos.

“The flavors are there”

This is as stated not the place for a long dinner, but for being a falafel joint it is still a nice place. Nothing fancy, but nothing that holds you back either from enjoying a lunch or a super casual dinner. Go for the falafel salad, the combo or the shawarma roll and you will not be disappointed.



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