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The Fish & Chips has stayed on the menu since day 1 for a reason

The Flying Elk

Modern refined gastropub

Jan 22nd, 2016

Björn Frantzen is one of Stockholm’s most renowned chefs, probably more known for his two starred restaurant Frantzén than his gastro pub in Gamla Stan The Flying Elk. But the pub certainly strengthens his position on the food scene in Stockholm, providing us all with a great gastro pub with high quality food in a really nice venu in the historic setting of Gamla Stan (the Old Town).

Can elks fly? Well they can certainly produce fantastic food. The concept of the flying elk is a modern gastropub with quality food in a relaxed setting. But do not mistake, even though the food might be a bit more down to earth, the quality has not been compromised. The Flying Elk is located just a block away from restaurant Frantzén in Gamla Stan (the Old Town), so navigate your way through this cosy part of town, with its narrow alleys, historic buildings and tonnes of tourists (or just take the subway, it’s just across the entrance) and avoid the classic tourist traps by visiting one of the best gastropubs in town.

The whole atmosphere of the restaurant is quite casual, when entering the main entrance you come in to what could be a dining area in a ski resort (in a good way), its cosy but at the same sophisticated. The restaurant is divided into three parts, and the main restaurant in located on the ground floor upon entry and behind the main restaurant, into the culvert and what seems to be an old cellar, the pub-part is located. Unlike the restaurant, in the pub you can end up at communal tables. In addition, there are a couple of drop in spots available every night in the pub. One floor up is the cocktail bar which actually has a “view” of the restaurant Frantzén, and they serve really nice cocktails to perfectly end off your dinner with.

The food is truly refined pub food

The food is truly refined pub food, which can be noted on the menu where things like scallops, aged balasamico and quail are frequently taking part of the menu. The signature dish, and the item that has been longest on the menu, is the fish & chips. Might not sound very exciting, but the execution is to perfection. The cod just melts in your mouth while the batter has just that perfect crust. Simple but amazing. Overall the menu combines well known, classic flavours but refined and well executed. And I can understand why the fish & chips has stayed on the menu, it is just brilliant. The flavors of the menu are powerful and a bit rustic in all its refinement, the thoughts really go to proper pub food with just that exception the fatty ingredients have been exchanged for things a bit more refined, and above all the execution is just so much better than you would ever think. The schnitzel is served with confit potatoes, the mayonnaise is a truffles mayonnaise and the macaroni and cheese is just divine with its three different cheeses.

I can understand why the fish & chips has stayed on the menu, it is just brilliant

The Flying Elk is really a casual meeting place, great for a afterwork with some good food, great for a long dinner (there is also a tasting menu) or just a quick and casual dinner. And as a bonus, this place is great for a weekend brunch, or Frunch as it is called to get it a bit more Swedish. Refined rustic pub food, what could be better start to a weekend. And as a bonus, there is a separate menu for the kids.





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