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Truly classic dishes on the menu

Bistro Pastis

Genuine and cosy French bistro

Jan 2nd, 2016

In the heart of Gamla Stan you can find one of the best, and coziest, French bistros in Stockholm. Bistro Pastis. This is a place to go to with a special one, enjoy some classic French dishes in a intimate candle light setting with red and white checkered tablecloths (even though they in fact are white)

in the heart of the Old Town you will find this little French bistro gem called Bistro Pastis

If you are not walking by during the summer time, when the outdoor dining area is open, it is easy to miss that this small restaurant even exists. But on the corner of Baggensgatan and Köpmangatan in the heart of the Old Town you will find this little French bistro gem called Bistro Pastis. And when you walk through the doors, you enter a really intimate, cosy and just welcoming small bistro. At first it seems like there are tables on every square inch of the restaurant, but once you are seated you don’t really get that bothered of the crammed tables. It just feels a bit ”French” and rustic. The waiters are good at navigating through the small isles between the tables, and the vibe is just relaxed. And a lot of frequent visitors pop by and exchange a word of two with the staff, and all in all it just feels like the perfect place to have right around the corner from where you live. But as you probably have figured out by now, seats are quite limited, so if you are not the frequent guest living next door it is a good idea to make a reservation in advance. But speaking of that French touch, the only way to make a reservation is via the phone. Via the phone! Like actually calling someone! Now, that is what i call French.

For so long the French bistro food has dominated the menus at Stockholm restaurants. A couple of years ago it almost felt like you had to go out of your way to fins a place with something else on the menu than moules frites, steak tartare and chèvre chaud. So the struggle then became to find a place that was good at it, because there is a good reason why the French classics are just that. Classic, delightful dishes when they are made properly and with some love. And that is what you get at Bistro Pastis. Just some lovely French classics, cooked and served with a lot of French love. It is not that everything is brilliant, or that the food will blow you away. But thats not why you go here. You go here for that lovely little intimate dinner.

Go here for a cosy candle light dinner with a special one and indulge in the classic dishes

The service is, well you guessed it, quite French. That means that it will improve exponentially if you are able to pronounce the menu correctly or if you are able to exchange some courtesy phrases with the staff. For the rest of us, we just have to take that they may speak of us amongst the staff and laugh about our pronunciation if dishes. But hey, that sort of the charm. The service is friendly, but just that tad bit arrogant. So in essence, Pastis is just this rustic, chairman, classic, intimate and lovely little French bistro. Go here for a cosy candle light dinner with a special one and indulge in the classic dishes. You will hopefully love your company just as much as you love the rustic charm of the venue and the food.


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