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Lunch Mon-Fri 11.30-14.00
Dinner one weekend a month
SEK 175-285 for mid size dishes, lunch SEK 145
Keep a lookout for that one weekend when it is open for dinner

Adam & Albin Matstudio

International pop-up restaurant

Dec 25th, 2015

One of my favorite restaurants in Stockholm right now is Adam & Albin Matstudio. But don’t try to drop by, dinner service is just one weekend every month. So be sure to make a reservation at these young and extremely talented chefs food studio, serving up what should be labeled as fine dining food in a setting that feels more like being in the living room of the chefs.

Two of Sweden’s undoubtable most talented and exciting chefs right now are Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman. Together they form the duo behind Adam & Albin Matstudio, one of my absolute favorite places for both fine dining (without being fine dining) as well as noodle lunches right now. Quite quickly during a dinner serving one can see that they are influenced by their time working for two starred chef Mathias Dahlgren but without compromising on their own style of cooking, or for that matter just the concept of what a restaurant actually should look like.

Two of Sweden’s undoubtable most talented and exciting chefs right now

Adam & Albin have tried to form a place that suits what they want to do, without limiting themselves to the constraints of running a restaurant six days a week. The name literally translates into Adam & Albin Food Studio and that is what it is for the most time. Monday through Friday between 11,30-14,00 the place is a noodle restaurant, and the noodles are excellent by the way and well worth a visit on their own, otherwise the guys run the place as a food studio. The noodle lunches have become a huge success, and the guys experiment with ingredients, textures and flavors. But always come out on the right side. The delicious side. I have been here for lunch many times, and not once have i been disappointed.

But the real star of the studio is that one (or if you are lucky two) weekends a month when they open the doors to the restaurant and serve up one of Stockholm’s best dinners. And it’s not just the food, the setting of the place is just brilliant. The “tables” are the cooking counters used for cooking classes, and the 50-chairs are placed on the edges which actually is a quite nice seating. The counters are so big that you are not too close to the other guest (and there will be plenty of other guest, it is more or less fully booked every time) but it still provides an intimacy to have other people at the same table. The atmosphere is really intimate, relaxed, friendly and hearty.

The real star of the studio is that one (or if you are lucky two) weekends a month

And I haven’t even started talking about the food. Every weekend, a more or less totally new menu is put together. Utilizing what is in season right now, and mixing both traditional approaches with more experimental international falvors. This is probably the thing I love most about this place, the food can be classically cooked and well executed but to mix it up a bit you get some more experimental and playful additions as well. The menu is normally constructed with a four or five small starters and it is recommended to order all, and then two or three mid-sized dishes (there are no traditional main courses). The ambition level is high, and by setting a more or less new menu each time, it becomes even higher. Sometimes one or two dishes might not be perfectly balanced if you are comparing to Michelin class, either on itself or together with the other dishes, but for me that doesn’t really bring the rating down – it just tells me that the work in the food studio will continuously develop and keep on improving. I completely and honestly love this place, and I look forward to follow Adam & Albin’s future endeavors, because they have a bright future ahead of them.






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