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Mon- Fri 11.00-14.00 and 17.00-22.00
Sat 14.00-22.00
Mains SEK 100 - 250
Great selection of vegan dishes, and the Pho Bó is great

Minh Mat

Brilliant vietnamese bistro

Dec 16th, 2015

Finally we are able to eat some fantastic Vietnamese food in Stockholm, all thanks to the celebrated cookbook author Minh du Aleng and her restaurant Minh Mat at Odenplan. Here you can find both vietnamese street food and french colonial inspired dishes, and it is definitely the best vietnamese bistro in town.

At Minh Mat the vietnamese cuisine is able to shine

At Minh Mat the vietnamese cuisine is able to shine, and boy oh boy have I missed it in Stockholm. Those subtile layers of flavors that are so important in the vietnamese cuisine is really mastered by Minh du Alneng, utilizing a lot of the produce that is available here in Stockholm to put together some great vietnamese food. For so long i have been longing for a great Vietnamese place in town, and finally it is here.

Stockholm is crammed with half decent asian restaurants, driven by the Thai food takeaway dominance in the swedes ”I don’t have the time or energy to cook dinner tonight” segment. Sadly, to a large extent it has set the bar way to low for south eastern food by using cheap meat cuts, semi-finished produced and just as much shortcuts as possible in the cooking. Minh Mat is the total opposite of all that. Balancing the fragrant vietnamese spices, like lime leafs, ginger, garlic, herbs, cinnamon and star anise really well. For those of you who are not so familiar with the vietnamese cuisine it is not so much about spice, even though chili is often used, it is more about balance in flavors. And that is really what you get at Minh Mat, well balanced and flavorsome food.

Minh is a true perfectionist, trying to take care of every detail in the restaurant. Everything from the origin of each produce to the plating. Ask her about where the chicken, vegetables, stock or anything related to the food comes from or how it is made – and you will get an lengthy answer. And often not just an answer, if she has time (seldom these days, as the place is becoming really popular) she will tell the answer in a story. It can be a vivid description of a taste she is striving for in a dish, or how the chicken was raised in a specific farm or how she and her husband started the restaurant with all twists and turns that come with that. But one thing is for sure, Minh is truly passionate about the vietnamese cuisine, and also genuinely cares for the diners and their experience. All this adds up to that there are no shortcuts, everything is made from scratch with really good produce. No shortcuts are accepted, and that really shines through in the quality of the dishes.

No shortcuts, everything is made from scratch with really good produce

I have been here many times, and I’ve tried to come up with a couple of dishes that are my favorites. But so far, I haven’t been disappointed with anything. So I’ll leave it up to you to explore the menu when you are here, talk to the staff and get to know some more about the vietnamese cuisine.

the perfect local bistro, a place that you would love to have right around the corner from your home

The restaurant in it self is really the perfect local bistro, a place that you would love to have right around the corner from your home. Reasonably prices, lovely intimate and familiar atmosphere and fantastic flavors makes it the perfect spot for a everyday lunch or dinner. This restaurant is being talked about more and more, and I’m really happy that people seem to appreciate the love and care that goes into the food at Minh Mat. Because I know I do, I absolutely love this place.





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