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Sushi Sho

The best edomae style sushi bar

Dec 14th, 2015

Sushi Sho is my absolute favorite sushi place in Stockholm. Brilliant sushi, and very far away from what has become the norm for sushi in terms of the ”take away”-sushi that has dominated the scene for way too long. All that was quite strongly highlighted in 2016, when Sushi Sho was awarded its first Michelin star. And the food truly deserves the star.

I remember when I many years ago started going to the little hole in the wall at Medborgarplatsen which is known as Akki Sushi, and I wasn’t really expecting a couple of young Swedish guys to be running what, at the time, was described as a hidden sushi gem in Stockholm. But I was even more surprised to find the same guys when I walked into Sushi Sho, significantly raising both their own and Stockholms sushi ambitions.

Carl Ishizaki is the head chef at Sushi Sho, and once he was the head chef at Akki Sushi. He became a bit fed up with the take away sushi scene, and wanted to give Stockholm a true Tokyo style sushi bar. Said and done, he and a couple of guys from Akki Sushi opened up Sushi Sho in 2014.

finally Stockholm has a place that serves truly good sushi

Sushi Sho is a Edomae style sushi bar on Upplandsgatan 45, close to Odenplan. And I absolutely love this place, finally Stockholm has a place that serves truly good sushi.

The food is, well you guessed it, mainly sushi. But they have significantly raised the bar for sushi in Stockholm. The acidity level in the sushi is just spot on in combination with the different fishes, the temperature is just right and the rice is cooked to perfection. But one thing that has really developed since the opening in 2014 is the small, more experimental, donburi dishes that starts off the dinner. The focus is more on local fishes than what you would normally expect, absolutely love for instance the Mackerel such, Swedish tuna also appears on the menu as well as Nordic scallops and much more. But the main thing is to have a true quality in the fish that they handle. They also experiment a lot with both flavors and textures, and I just love the creativity of the guys.

There is only one menu where the sushi is served omakase style, which means the chefs selection of sushi served one piece at a time. But just sitting at the bar with the view of the chefs preparing the sushi piece by piece is a experience on its own. The place becomes so much more personal when one of the chefs carefully places each piece of well executed sushi on the little stone plate in front of you, with a brief explanation of which fish or seafood you are eating. All in all, this small little 15 seater sushi bar truly offers a dining experience out of the ordinary.

And in 2016 Sushi Sho was awarded a Michelin star, and to just have a Michelin starred suhi bar inStockholm is quite extraordinary. But the food really deserves a star, but the atmosphere is still just as casual as ever. And the experience is not what you would associate with traditional fine dining, but the food is so good that the star is very well deserved. Truly recommend everyone to try out the sushi here.

I am absolutely addicted to this place.

A fun addition is that they also have put some effort onto a pairing of sake to the menu, so why not go for the full experience with the omakase menu and the sake pairing? Be sure to make a reservation in advance, the place is small and gets fully booked fairly quickly, and go for the bar seats and enjoy the show in front of you. I am absolutely addicted to this place.







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